Ayurveda: A One-on-One on Holistic Health

Interview with Dr Sandhya V.

Ayurveda, translated from Sanskrit (a language from which many Indian languages are derived), means the 'Science of Life'. It's a traditional holistic healing science with roots in India. By "traditional" we mean it's been around for around 5000 years. To give that context, that's around the same time when Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt started to be used. Yep, it's old.

But what exactly is Ayurveda? We'll let Ayurveda practitioner Dr Sandhya V, practicing at SPA Kerala, tell you more about it (quick summary below).

Here’s a quick summary of the video:

AyurFit: For those who don’t know, briefly, what is Ayurveda?

Dr Sandhya: Ayurveda is ‘the Science of Life’. It teaches you how to lead your life healthily and happily. Based on the specific prakruti/ humour of the individual, Ayurveda provides a detailed