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Cherupayar Thoran/ Cooked Moong Dal (Mung Beans) Stir Fry

What's vegan, tasty and packed FULL of protein? Cherupayar Thoran!

It's usually a flavourful accompaniment to kanji (congee/ porridge) or perfect to have as a midday pick-me-up!

Cherupayar Thoran/ Cooked Mung Beans (Moong Dal) Stir Fry

Also, the answer to "where do you get your proteins from?" if you happen to be a vegetarian (like me :D), or a vegan! So, fam, here's your protein packed, all-vegan stir fry!

Cherupayar Thoran

Cheru = Small | Payar = Beans | Cherupayar = Mung Beans!

Cherupayar/ Mung beans/ Moong dal/ Green gram

Thoran is essentially a stir fry with coconut added. Because if you need a little something something to soak up more flavours and impart its own flavour, it's COCONUT (specifically, grated coconut)!

This is another fairly straightforward stir fry dish with coconut. Perfect for when you're just making a relaxed dinner to get nice and toasty. Get the kanji (congee/ porridge) cooking, the mung beans cooking in a pressure cooker and start with the flavour base - the tempering.

OR just wake up one day wildly craving cherupayar thoran after having sprouted beans (which featured in our 10 minute broccoli stir fry recently!) and decide today's the day to get cooking!

So, cooking we did! We picked our mother's brain for the recipe and got right to it :D

Here, let me share this deliciousness with you <3

Cherupayar Thoran/ Cooked Mung Beans (Moong Dal) Stir Fry

Ayurveda Dosha Compatability


Pitta (if you don't use either mustard seeds or garlic)

Kapha (just omit the grated coconut)



To Pressure Cook Cherupayar

  1. In a pressure cooker, pressure cook mung beans, salt, turmeric powder and 1.5 cups water. On medium heat, cook for 3 whistles. Open once steam has completely escaped. The consistency should be soft, not mushy.

For the flavour base

  1. In a wok, on high heat, heat coconut oil, then lower to low heat and splutter mustard seeds. Increase heat to medium, add curry leaves, onions, garlic and saute till onions turn translucent.

  2. Add turmeric powder, cumin seeds, grated coconut and salt. Saute for 1 minute.

  3. Add cooked mung beans, mix and cook for another 2 minutes.

  4. Serve :)

Nutrition facts courtesy of myfitnesspal, reformatted


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