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Resources for Foodies and Food Bloggers

Hey guys! We've found this super helpful on other sites, so we're sharing with you the same - a page dedicated to products and services we've used and found helpful in building this site. This list will continue to adapt to our changing needs and we'll continue to share the journey with you! <3

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you buy something through those links, we earn a commission - at no additional cost to you! All of the products and services listed below are ones that we've used and found helpful and we hope that they can help you just the same. If you have any questions, let us know! 

Our Blog Essentials

Wix - Real talk, starting a website can be tough, especially if you're starting your online presence while boot-strapping it and your knowledge of coding is... not quite up to par.

For us, Wix was the perfect combination out of all the other sites we looked at. It had gorgeous designs (which were so simple to implement we thought we were cheating the system somehow...), fab support, elegant apps to choose from and all of this at a supremely affordable price. Wix, checked all the boxes and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking to start their website and wants it to look nothing short of fabulous. 

Glassware containers

Our Kitchen Essentials

Glasslock Container - our trusty go-to storage container. We've been using these for a while as a better alternative to plastic containers that end up retaining the scent of some of our dishes. Also, much easier to clean the grease out of. Win-Win. 

Joyce Chen Carbon Steel Wok - we bust out this bad boy whenever we need an easy stir fry. Why we love it? Its size, its material and its handles. Its size is perfect for when we've got guests over and need to cook in larger quantities. Because it's carbon steel, it's light yet conducts heat extremely well. It's two different handles gives great maneuverability. Overall, awesome. TIP: Before you use it, make sure you remove it's protective oil layer. 

5L Prestige Pressure Cooker - Anything from dals to meat to potatoes, you put it in the pressure cooker with a bit of water and it cooks it to perfection. Basically you get the flavours of a slow-cooker in a fraction of the time. A time-strapped cook's bff. 

Idli/ Idiappam stand - this is complimentary to the above pressure cooker and also the best way to steam, in batches, traditional rice-based dishes like idli and idiappam. 

1.5L Milton Casserole Pot - this is a feature in many a home to keep dishes piping hot much after it's been made. We use it for almost all our breakfast dishes (think dosa, idli, upma, idiappam, noodles - the whole works) and our dinnertime chappatti also finds a home in it.

It works perfect in our household because everyone eats at different times and this helps retain the dish's heat from the start of breakfast time till the very end (winning).

Unniappam Pan

Unniappam (Mini Pancake) Pan - not quite an "essential" as such unless you're a big fan of unniappams (mini banana pancakes), and for us, we're (recently) massive fans so we thought we'd share the love... and our recommendation. We're recent fans because of this family recipe we tried out. Delicious.

Our Gift Essentials

To spread the love we've compiled a list of our favourite gifts we've given or received. Check out our top 5 gift wish lift for both the ladies and the gents.

Indian Grocery Stores Near Me

HK Grocery Stores

So none of this food feasting would be possible without the Indian grocery stores in our neighbourhood who have veggies and spices from the motherland. Massive shout out to them!


Most of our Indian groceries we get from the closest grocery store or if they don't have what we're looking for we order through the Indian Provision Store (nope, no affiliation with them, we just appreciate their services :) ).

For posterity, I'll include some of the main Indian stores in Hong Kong. You can either go to the store or you can call and ask for a delivery straight to your doorstep (takes usually 2-3 days).

Hope you find this list useful, especially for when you need to stock up on some Indian noms! <3

Hong Kong Side:


The Indian Provision Store 

24 Bowrington Road, Causeway Bay,

Tel: +852 2891 8324

Star Trading

Shop 18, 1st Floor, Abba Shoping Mall, Aberdeen

Tel : +852 2366 6534

Run by a family with a store in Kowloon side too.

Spice Box Organics
72 Third Street, G/F Shop K, Fook Moon Building, Sai Ying Pun 

Tel: +852 2568 2728

The Indian Store

3/F, East Marina Square, South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau

Tel: +852 6775 2312

A sweet lady called Sunita runs the store.

Kowloon Side:

Kiran's Provision Store 

Shop 52, 1/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Tel: +852 2723 6781

Star Trading

Shop No.16, G/F, Peninsula Apartment, 16 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

New Territories

Regency Spices

18/F Superluck Industrial Centre Phase 2, 30-38 Tai Chung Road, Tsuen Wan

Tel: +852 2517 6577
They have a huge array of spices; not just limited to Indian spices. Definitely recommend for any of your spice needs. 


Spice Store

Tel: +852 2944 2336

Delivery is free for purchases above $200. 

Happy shopping & cooking!!

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