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It may seem like everywhere you look there's another coconut related item on the market. Well, for us, it's been on our plates since we were born! Coming from Kerala, translated as the "land of coconuts" from Malayalam (the native language of Kerala), we wanted to bring you a taste of home.


We started AyurFit, working with hospitality and wellness professionals and along with our Ayurveda clinic to provide a Kerala getaway that also nurtures a holistically healthy lifestyle. So, here we are - we're going back to our roots of Ayurveda and all things coconut

AyurFit Founders

From Left: Aravind, Manju, Gayathri (Gaya), Sidharth (Sid).

Who are we?

We're a family run business providing personalised wellness experiences to our home state, Kerala. However, on most of our Wellness Getaways, you'll likely see father and daughter, Aravind and Gayathri (Gaya) more often!

We've lived in HK for over 20 years, heading back to Kerala (almost) every summer and with each trip we've fallen more and more in love with its lush beauty. Aravind will likely argue he's always loved the beauty Kerala has to offer, although, we all have to admit after living in Hong Kong's concrete jungle, we've definitely come to appreciate it that much more!
So, after mulling over the idea for a couple of years, we decided in early 2016 to get the best of both worlds and bring a slice of Kerala to Hong Kong and show you our green home when you
come visit Kerala

So, when you join our Kerala experience, look out for either of us (or sometimes both, if you're lucky)!
We're looking forward to seeing you all soon in beautiful Kerala!

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