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Personalised Wellness Experience


We take great care to offer a personalised wellness experience for those who visit Kerala, on India’s southwestern coast. We also work hard to ensure the trip leaves you with a positively memorable experience. At the same time, we do what we can to ensure that when we travel with our guests, we conserve the environment and improve the welfare of the local community as much as possible. 

AyurFit’s core philosophy is the belief that a healthier community is a happier community - not just for our guests, but for those with whom we work with too. We're in it for the long haul, so the health of our community and our environment is of prime importance to us. 


Our wellness trips aim to highlight some of Kerala's traditional practices. We visit local businesses to highlight local craftsmanship - some of our trips have included the following highlights, to name a few: 

A traditional sweet and snack shop factory

Kalaripayattu (Kerala's traditional martial arts) training arena

A cashew processing factory (one of Kerala's main export produce)

If you're a craftsperson working in Kerala and wish to work with us, do please get in touch.

Traditional Kerala, homemade artisanal snacks


We believe in using only what nature has provided to us, without the use of harmful toxins. As such, for our Ayurveda treatments, at SPA Kerala, we use only organic medicines and oils.

Our natural fertilisers of choice is the trusty composted and aged manure, banana peels and even coconut shreds (what remains after all the milk has been extracted from grated coconuts). 


Our wellness experience aims to leave only a positive impact on our environment, economy and society. 


We encourage our guests to bring their own water bottles instead of utilising disposable bottles.
Also, to offset some of our carbon footprint, we grow our own herbs to minimise carbon emissions from transporting herbs from other parts of Kerala to our Ayurveda Centre, SPA Kerala. 


We work with local hospitality and wellness professionals in Kerala, all employing local talent. We also work with various craftsmen and women who work hard to preserve Kerala's traditions.
If you wish to
work with us, do please get in touch! 

Primary School Students - Community Outreach Program

Society/Community Outreach 

Simultaneously, we're working with a local primary Government school to raise money for some basic facilities like tables, chairs and employing a few more teachers, as it looks to open its doors to more students.

It's a government primary school our Valliachha (father's father)/ Acha (father) had helped to build. Unlike its early years, currently the school mainly caters to children from the poorer sections of local society.

However, it's not doing too well as it's underfunded. So, we thought we'd give them a hand to fund some essential facilities for the kids.
If you'd like to get involved, send us a line and we'll get in touch!


How does our Ayurveda Centre also adhere to these same principles?


Our Ayurveda Centre, Sri Padmam Ayurveda (SPA) Kerala, retains the traditional practices of Ayurveda. Herbal medicines used are made only using the traditional recipes passed down through the generations.

We also do not use unnecessarily fragrant oils like other centres use, nor do we participate in providing treatments that instagrams/ pictures well. What we do focus on is using oils and treatments prescribed by the Vaidya (traditionally trained Ayurveda Doctor) - which is prescribed only after the Vaidya has had an individual consultation with all the guests.


We use only natural fertilizers for the herbs used in the making of the herbal medicines. No preservatives, additives or chemicals are used during any part of the process. Also, recyclable plastics are used in the packaging of our products. 


Our team consists of local talent from our Ayurveda Vaidya to our farm growers. Additionally, with our Ladies Clinic (Vanitha Clinic) initiative, we aim to give back to our local community by educating women and girls about their health and addressing their different health concerns.


We strongly believe a healthier community is a happier community, so we endeavour to do what we can to achieve that goal.

SPA Kerala Values
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