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10 Minute Broccoli and Sprouts Stir Fry, Kerala Style


Say what now?!

When my brother was younger, he used to love broccoli because they looked like mini trees (still his most favoured vegetable, although probably for different reasons)! And they possibly made his 5 year old self feel like a giant (ok, now I'm postulating, but that could very well be the case)!

10 Minute Broccoli and Sprouts Stir Fry, Kerala Style

There's no guessing about its beauty, however, with its lush green head and bright green stem that gives a gorgeous crunch. I'm a fan. <3

It's honestly easy and super versatile to cook at home. Either we steam it with smashed garlic and a sprinkle of salt (lazy cooking doesn't get better than this!!) or we make a bonda using it (basically, broccoli dipped in a spiced chickpea flour mix, then fried).

Broccoli Cross-Section

So, when my friends came over last weekend, I decided to try something different yet simple. Enter the BROCCOLI STIR FRY! Also, to give it the illusion that it wasn't something I whipped together in 10 minutes, I added sprouted beans we had made the night before (still only took 10 minutes to cook). Ya see, tricks of the kitchen!! :P

Chopped Broccoli Head Mountain

The best part about this stir fry is, to get that gorgeous broccoli crunch and still retain that bright green, you've got to slightly undercook the broccoli. Not to worry, it'll cook to perfection while it stands. What's that? I've got to take LESS time cooking the broccoli so that it'll taste BETTER?! Duly noted, and happily executed! Perfect for my lazy cooking needs! :D

10 Minute Broccoli and Sprouts Stir Fry, Kerala Style

Best part, if you plan to make this for your lunch guests and you end up making waaaay too much food, be prepared with ziplock bags so your guests can take home any leftovers. My heart was so full knowing my friends enjoyed my cooking enough for them to take it home to enjoy again later. Y'all are the bestest of friends, and I can't wait to spend my Easter vacay with you all!! <3 Even if you may have taken home the broc out of courtesy, my heart (and ego) chooses ignorance heehee :P

What do you think? Sprouts, yay or nay? If you want to know what trip I'm talking about... we've got more getaways planned with all you beautiful people to the land of coconuts, Kerala! Ayurveda, yoga and all this yummy food. Because that's what a vacation is all about - some sun, loads of chill, and possibly coconuts :P


Ayurveda Dosha Suitability

Kapha and Pitta (if garlic and chilli powder are omitted).



  1. Chop broccoli florets into 1 inch pieces and set aside. Separately, chop broccoli stem into 1 inch pieces and set aside.

  2. In a wok, medium heat, heat oil and add cumin seeds. Once slightly toasted, add onion, ginger and garlic, saute till translucent. Then, add chilli powder and saute till onions are golden brown.

  3. Add broccoli stem and saute for two minutes till cooked yet crunchy. Add florets and saute another 2 minutes. Then, finally, add sprouts and saute another two minutes till sprouts are cooked. Add required amount of salt. Mix well. Switch off flame, transfer into serving bowl and let sit another minute.

  4. Serve :)

Note: Can store for up to 2-3 days in fridge

Nutrition Facts courtesy of MyFitnessPal, reformatted. Post updated: June 2017


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