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The very name "Kerala" means the land of coconuts in the South Indian language, Malayalam.

It's a gorgeously lush green state that's, increasingly, well-known globally as "God's Own Country" and also for practicing an authentic form of Ayurveda. 

Check out our Kerala Facts page for more facts and information on Kerala!  

Where is Kerala and what is it known for?

What is Ayurveda and how is it related to Kerala?

Ayurveda means the Science of Life. It's a centuries-old Indian system of healthcare and wellness using personalised preventive measures and treatments to bring balance (i.e., health) to an individual's mind, body and spirit. 

Kerala, because of it's favourable ​climate, abundantly grows the necessary herbs and oils traditionally used in Ayurveda. With the natural medicines easily accessible, the traditional way of Ayurveda continues to flourish to this day.

Want to know more about Ayurveda? We interviewed the senior Ayurveda Vaidya (Doctor) at SPA Kerala to get to know some of the basics. Check out our interview with Dr. Sandhya V!

Yoga compliments Ayurveda - it conditions an individual's mental, physical and spiritual health through well-integrated exercises.


Ayurveda Vaidyas are taught Yoga asanas (poses) as part of their training. 

So, although we may know Yoga as merely a flow of different asanas, it is a means to achieve wellness of mind, body and spirit, in tandem with Ayurveda. 

What is Yoga?

Now that you've got an idea of some of our main terms, check out our Kerala experiences and choose which one suits you best! 

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