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Kerala, the land of coconuts!

Whenever we go down to Kerala, it's like a restful reset for us with the lush greenery, the mouth-watering food and the soothing Ayurveda treatments. So instead of just enjoying this by ourselves (and with family :D ) we figured, why not share it with everyone looking for the same - a refreshing reset!

So, here we are! But FIRST, here are a few facts about Kerala so you have an idea of what to expect when you visit Kerala

Quick Facts about Kerala

Fun fact:

According to Ayurveda, the best time for an Ayurveda-based cleanse is during the months of July - August, during the monsoon and the last month of the year according to Kerala's lunar calendar.

As the monsoon washes away the impurities of the Earth, so too would an Ayurveda rejuvenation detoxify and remove impurities from the body; a monsoon rejuvenation!  

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