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Paleo Plantain Stew

Paleo Plantain Stew

You don't truly appreciate food until you know how it's made. Something I've come to realise more and more as my cooking adventure progresses, and I'm loving every moment of it!

This particular stew is my favourite stew, second only to the vegetable stew I made earlier. I'm infinitely more impressed with this stew because of how EASY this is to make. Seriously, you'd think something this aromatic would require multiple stages of cooking to truly develop its flavour. Nope. I have much to learn on this journey :P

It was at this moment the penny dropped. What REALLY brought out the flavours in this stew are its ingredients - the stars that truly SHINE. Plantain and coconut milk. The spoils of mother nature couldn't get any better than this.

Paleo Plantain Stew

5 ingredients. 5 servings. 5 minutes

Okay, fine, more like 10 minutes, but I liked the list of three with the '5' being the common theme, hehe. Work with me here!!

As always, I'd LOVE to see your pictures! Either tag me on instagram, @ayurfit OR Facebook @ayurfitblog. Thank you to all you lovely people xx

In the interests of keeping this short and snappy, just like this stew, here's the recipe!



  1. In a medium pot, medium flame, add plantain with 1 cup water and 3tbsp coconut milk. Stir occasionally, let plantains cook.

  2. In a grinder, grind sugar with cardamom.

  3. Once the plantains are cooked (should be soft and squishy), mix rice flour with 1 tbsp cold water and add to the pot (to thicken the stew). Also add the sugar mixture, mix well.

  4. Reduce to low flame, add 1 tbsp water and remaining coconut milk. Mix well. Once stew begins to simmer, switch off flame.

  5. Serve :)


I found the stew had thickened considerably once the plantain had cooked. So, for those who are on the paleo diet, you can easily omit the rice flour :)

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