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His & Hers Gift Wish List

We love giving and receiving gifts! Since it's the season to give and share, we've put together a gift wishlist to give you some inspiration. This is our top 5 Gift Wishlist for both the gents and the ladies, in no particular order. We hope to help you bring a smile on the face of your loved ones on this (or any other) special occasion.

Disclaimer: some of the links below are affiliate links and if you buy through these links we'll get a commission. The commission will be at no additional cost to you. Please understand that these products have been tried and tested (and approved!) and we're recommending them because we have found them both helpful, useful and have brought a smile to our faces. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you, your family or your friends achieve their goals.

For the GENTS

GBS Gent's Shaving Kit

GBS Gentlemen's Shaving Kit - this is a gift I'd highly recommend for your significant other / brother/ father/ any other important man in your life. My brother and I gifted this to our Achha (father) and he's in love with his shiny new toy. Literally every morning once he's shaved, he walks out of the toilet with a satisfied grin on his face (or maybe it's just because he's trimmed his 'stache and we can see his lips...?). Not to say he wasn't shaving before this gift (!!) but he loves that additional bit of retro grooming with the old fashioned blade, razor and fuzzy new brush.

Gift Tip: We'd suggest buying an additional handle to attach the normal razor to. That way there's the option to continue using the blades that he's has begun to favour over the years. We didn't want to add extra time to his hectic morning routine (kudos to the bro for thinking of this)!

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech Master Wireless Mouse - We'd definitely recommend this to any fellow technophiles! Whenever we're on the hunt for a mouse that's efficient and lasts a lifetime, we find ourselves buying a Logitech. We've (thus far) not had any issues with connectivity and they are extremely user friendly even for the most technologically un-savvy (yep, guilty). Why this particular model? It's got an Easy-Switch button. Basically, with just the click from one mouse, you can interchange between 3 devices like from your desktop, laptop or notepad. Talk about game changing! Added bonus, it feels amazingly sleek in our palms.


Jackly Portable Screwdriver kit - Perfect for the on-the-go handy man. I gifted a portable screwdriver kit to my brother and it was such a hit! So much so that he kept it on his person everywhere he went, including airport security check... So after losing that one, he bought himself this. It's just as nifty if not better. According to him, the 45 screwdriver heads in his pocket isn't the bonus, it's the tweezer that it comes with. It's a thin, sleek tweezer that he uses to get through the tiny little fiddly bits in a computer. He's our in-house computer genius. And I suppose these are the tools of his trade. :D

Targus Black Backpack

Targus 16" Laptop Backpack - For the sharp gent who carries around their laptop on the daily. It snugly fits a 13" laptop and everything else one would want to smush into it when hopping onto a flight. In our case, ALL the electronics needed when we go back to India for the summer holidays (and a few spare undies :P). That too, it's extraordinarily comfortable on the shoulders and with more than ample padding on the base of the bag too. The straps are sturdy and broad so we could hardly feel the weight of the bag on our delicate shoulders! :)

Amazon Kindle 6", Black

Kindle, 6" - This is more a unisex gift, because who doesn't love a good read?! So, here's our recommendation for the voracious reader. Or for the reader who really doesn't have much shelf space. Living in HK no matter how many floor to ceiling book shelves we could build, it won't be enough to house all the books we've read nor all those still on our reading list. At our home, we tend to either borrow books from the library or, we end up fighting for the Kindle. Best part, we each have our own libraries basically in our hands. Ah, the power of technology. Why the Kindle over an iPad? 1. No-glare screen nor backlight. 2. No other apps, hence, no other distractions. 3. Price point.


For the LADIES

Misfit Ray - rose gold

Misfit Ray - rose gold - A beautiful gift for the active lady in your life! It tracks your steps and your sleep AND it doesn't look like a strapped on piece of plastic. It's an intelligent, sleek piece of jewellery. <3 It's also seamlessly compatible with our smart phones, which we're massively digging and it doesn't require daily recharging. Although, that does means batteries need to be replaced half yearly. Definitely recommend for your lady fitspo who also happens to like high-tech jewellery. 2-in-1!

Fujifilm InstaX Mini 8 Pink Polaroid Camera

Fujifilm InstaX Mini 8 Pink Polaroid Camera - Would definitely recommend this to that special someone who absolutely adores taking pictures. We gifted this to a friend who literally CANNOT stop posting on social media, so naturally we embraced the quirk wholeheartedly with this little gem. It's honestly super cute. Even if you didn't like polaroids, it feels perfect - it fits snugly into your palms and is incredibly intuitive to use. So, yes, you can actually start using it immediately without needing to pore through the manuals. We can tell you now, MANY pictures were taken on SEVERAL occasions. So, it's safe to assume it was a job well done in the gift-giving department *pats self on back*.


Hydrapak 3L Reservoir

Hydrapak 3L Reservoir - We recently tested this out on a 5 hour hike in 22 degrees Celsius weather (yep, "winter" in Hong Kong) and we're happy to report this reservoir LASTED! No dehydration, no stopping to have to take out a water bottle every time we were thirsty. For the outdoorsy gal in your life, we'd definitely recommend this. If she doesn't happen to have a bag that's lightweight and durable, we'd recommend Wolf Skin's Stratosphere Backpack simply because of how compact it is and how well-ventilated it is. It has BOTH a ventilation channel and a mesh padding on the back. That way, we don't need to be peeling off the backpack from sweaty backs, yay! We chose this bag especially with Hong Kong's humidity in mind.


Anova Precision Cooker - For the aspiring chef. Slight disclaimer, we don't own this one yet. But our chef friends can't stop raving about this so we're actually considering this one! You basically connect to it via bluetooth and you cook your food to perfection (cooking the food sous vide) WITHOUT even being in the kitchen. Imagine, when you have guests over, instead of having to be in the kitchen, you press a button, socialise with your guests, and, hey presto, you've got your meal ready! This is our kinda futuristic technology! Bon appétit!


Morken Barware 16 oz Copper Mug - Another unisex gift, and one we'd recommend to the health conscious. This gift has several benefits. It's pretty, it's functional and has health benefits. At home, we even have a copper jug that the whole family drinks out of. According to Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel is positively charged and has the advantage of balancing out all the different Ayurveda personalities of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (check out previous post). Containing trace amounts of copper, the water helps your digestive system, strengthens your immune system and even slows down the process of ageing with its rich source of anti-oxidants. Essentially, just by drinking water out of a copper vessel, you're becoming a healthier you. Would recommend this to just about ANYONE. Added bonus, its copper colour adds a pop of colour to any mug collection. :)


Hope you enjoyed our list! We hope we've helped put a smile on your face and that of your family and friends. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! xxx

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