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Working closely with hospitality and wellness professionals so you experience a taste of Kerala's rich culture, cuisine and traditions.

Our Upcoming Wellness Experiences

Join us on our upcoming wellness experience. From Yoga classes and Ayurveda massages to cruising along in a house boat, touring the Travancore Maharaja's Palaces and temples and visiting cashew nut processing factories, just to name a few.


We've got experiences waiting to be explored, so choose an experience that catches your fancy and come join us in Kerala! 

What We Got Up To in our Previous Trip!
Kottoor Elephant Rehabilitation Centre
Time for some chai
Creating designs (kolams)
Sorting cashews by hand
Family Run Snack and Sweet Shop

For more pictures of our trips, check out our AyurFit Family photo album!

Want to join the fun? Choose a Kerala experience that suits YOU! 
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Some of our Favourite Kerala Recipes

Want a taste of Kerala in your own home?

When we're not physically in Kerala, we cook some of our tried and tested Kerala recipes.

So, we're sharing with you some of our favourites!
For more recipes, check out our blog!

Health & Wellness Newsletter

We believe that a healthier community is a happier community, so to that end, we share with our AyurFit family healthful updates, on our bi-weekly newsletter.


Healthy recipes, daily routines or health and wellness tips and tricks that we've used and found helpful, we share it all with you in our newsletters.

Want some health and wellness inspiration to kick-start the week, delivered straight to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter!  

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